Posts made in May, 2014

Malachy Farren. 64 years of age. Dublin

Posted in Niki Taylor

The thoroughness of my experience with Homeopath Niki Taylor, made me feel extremely safe & well cared for. Her gentle, yet persistent approach encouraged me to explain both physical & emotional challenges that I was encountering. My well-being was always at the forefront of Niki’s attentiveness. Insightful, caring, whilst being very professional. Malachy Farren. 64 years of age. Dublin

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L.S. Female, 46 years, Cornwall, England

Posted in Sarah Jane

For a few years I was getting headaches constantly every other day and feeling bewildered and drained by them. My sleep was disturbed every night by hot flushes. Since taking the homeopathic remedies, which I admit to being sceptical about initially, I noticed the difference within 2 weeks. I am convinced of the positive effect it has had on my body. Linking the emotional with the physical effects made a lot of sense to me, as we carry a lot of negative unresolved emotions around with us. Catching up with Sarah every month or so, has been reassuring and beneficial. I hardly ever have...

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