For the last 10 years in Germany I was working together with my Homeopath on one big issue. I missed that when I moved to Spain 14 years ago. I was only visiting the doctor when I really needed it, never being happy or satisfied with it. Finally in Spring this year I was introduced through a friend to Niki. I was very run down was desperate to get some help. My friend was over the moon with her and I immediately felt I was in good care. I had my first appointment with her and she took all the time that was needed to get to know me and my history. I felt finally safe and looked after again. She is helping me now for a couple of months. My main issue was and is my soul and spirit level. We mostly worked on that and I felt some great relief. Only lately I developed a challenging flu which held on for 6 weeks and she was very caring and supporting all this time, letting me know that we have to concentrate on this first before we can proceed with my main problem again.

L Freuh, Malaga

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