The Consultation

First Consultation:

A first consultation can take up to an hour and a half. During the consultation you will be asked about the symptoms you are experiencing at present. You will also be asked about your personal and family’s medical history, and any medication you may be currently taking. We have a downloadable form that will help you prepare and think about things in advance. We recommend you fill it in and bring it with you to the first consultation- download pdf form.

To get an understanding of you and your symptoms the homeopath may also ask you about what makes you feel better or worse, to describe yourself and how you like to spend your time and how you react to your environment and stress.

Recovery time is usually dependent on the nature of the illness, it’s duration and one’s own vitality and energy.

It is usual for a number of consultations to be necessary in illnesses of longer duration. There is usually a four week period between consultations and a follow up consultation can last between twenty minutes and an hour.

As well as taking remedies to stimulate and support the healing process of the immune system, people often choose to return every six months as this has been shown to benefit sleep, mood and general energy levels of those treated homeopathically.


Shorter consultations:

We also have shorter consultations of 30 minutes for day to day illness like coughs and colds. Illnesses of short duration tend to be resolved more quickly than illnesses of longer duration and may only need one follow up consultation if any.

Phone consultation:

We offer two types of phone in service. If you live abroad or are unable to get to our offices a full Skype consultation may work for you. This will take as long as the first consultation above and will cover the same detail.

We also offer a phone in service for day to day illnesses like coughs and colds. These can last up to twenty minutes. You’ll be asked about the symptoms you are experiencing, what brought them on and what makes them feel better or worse.


Remedies can be bought at your local homeopathic dispensary.

Business Hours:

Monday-Friday 9.30-15.30.
Consultations are in person, by phone or on Skype/Zoom. An appointment can be made using the online appointment booking system or by contacting us.

Fees (Including Zoom):

First consultation €80
First Follow up €80
Second Follow up €60
DETOX consultation €90
30 minute phone consultation €50
15 minute phone consultation €30
Pay for your consultation Online.

Cancellation policy:

We have a cancellation fee of €25 if it is within 24 hours of the appointment.

Laya Healthcare, Hibernian Aviva and The Hospital Saturday Fund Health Insurance may reimburse payments for homeopathic treatment depending on the details of your health care policy.

All consultations undertaken by Sarah Jane Hewitt, in person, by phone or over the internet are under Irish jurisdiction.